My Wife & Kids – Table For Too Many 01 – (Part 2 Of 2)

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24 thoughts on “My Wife & Kids – Table For Too Many 01 – (Part 2 Of 2)

  1. Faddy2K10

    Is is it just me or is jay annoying as hell in this sitcom. I think she’s a good actress cuz I like her in everybody hates chris, but in this sitcom she just pisses me off. As you go through the series she as a character just seems to go from bad to worse IMO

  2. Jamal249999

    How Much Did You Pay For The Sweatshirt?
    60 Dollars?
    You Pay 60 Dollars For A Sweatshirt?

    Jay: Lower Your Voice.

    Michael: 60 Dollars For A Sweatshirt? In A Lower Voice.

    This Is Why Michael Is My Favorite On This Show.

  3. jonnyrisas

    o my god…this episode makes me wanna hit jay…the bar guy….the dude who parked the car….and the waitress…love it though….but poor michael…i would say fuck it im out…

  4. MJ19971

    “yeah i saw this cute girl walk going to try and work some of my magic on her”
    “what ya gonna do make her dissapear ?” bahahahahahaha i love this episode

  5. SSJJack

    Jays such a bitch in this episode, its OBVIOUS they scam their customers and yet she insists on staying there?

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