Multi-touch Website for Windows 7 built in Silverlight

14 thoughts on “Multi-touch Website for Windows 7 built in Silverlight

  1. georgealex17

    A fiend told me he saw a video on the net…. some1 build an whole OS using Silverlight technology only! It has “almost nothing more than flash”? you don’t say 🙂

    for instance, the main role of Silverlight is to get websites out of the “browser”, to be capable of using them as actual programs. Flash simulates this, but it’s incapable of achieving it. At least for now 🙂

  2. SamBrasseale

    Hmm…the iPhone has only had this for the past 3 years….lame. These people have no idea how people want/should interact with a website using multi-gesture. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  3. evaldaz

    is this a joke???

    i mean, really, how many gazillions of CPU GHzs it needs to operate at acceptable level?

  4. klo1777

    Microsoft Silverlight is an AMAZING idea. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft needs some serious PR work, if the product was Adobe Silverlight or Google Silverlight everybody would be praising the innovation of the idea!

  5. caliberpa

    Or just wait until someone release a JQuery-like package that let you support multitouch using HTML instead of relying on a plugin like Silverlight or Air.

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