Mozilla Vision 2012: The Future of HTML5 and Web Technologies

We are currently in Tokyo, Japan for the Mozilla Vision 2012 conference and hack day. For two days Mozilla Japan with friends from the other locations are putting up an amazing effort to encourage people to help us educate the next generation of web makers.

Chibi and Jono showing off a platform game

Being in Japan, all of this is of course wrapped in quite some amazing tech like voice activated robots with emotional responses, but also good old dinosaurs you can take your tourist shots with:

Chris Heilmann, Mozilla Godzilla and Mark Finkle

My part of the play was to give a talk about HTML5 and how we can use it now to give our users a better web experience. The slides are available and embedded here:

(navigate slides with cursor left and right, go through bullet points with up and down and toggle notes with “n”)

There is an audio recording of the talk on

The demos I showed in the talk were:

Today we are at a hack day – stay tuned for some more of the information on that soon.

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