Mozilla at Smashingconf 2012

Smashingconf this week attracted 350 web enthusiasts from all over to come to Freiburg, Germany. Workshops and talks by 16 international experts and speakers promised a good overview over what is happening right now.

Overall the conference was a great experience. Asking attendees why they came to the conference they said they wanted to learn what is new on the web. The mix of speakers and topics covered in the two days should have gotten them well on the way. Watch out for the videos of the event being released soon and meanwhile check the conference coverage on Lanyrd

The very obvious thing that made this conference different was the location. Freiburg is a very idyllic German city and the conference was held in a building that looked like something out of a fairytale from the outside and sported plush red chairs and chandeliers on the inside.

Historisches Kaufhaus / FreiburgChristian Heilmann

Mozilla’s part in the proceedings was sending Chris Heilmann to give the closing keynote of the conference.

The keynote slides are available in HTML format. Simply click any to go into presentation mode and move with the cursor keys. Fore more information stay in list mode and roll over each slide to see the notes.

There is also a screencast of the talk on YouTube complete with bell sounds of the nearby church.

Smashing Magazine will publish the original notes as a post next week. The event was also filmed and the videos will be out soon. Mozilla projects covered and shown in the talk are: Webmaker, Firefox OS, Developer tools, X-Tag, Emscripten/Bananabread and Thimble.The initial response was pretty overwhelming. Here are the immediate tweets.

We thank the Smashingconf organisers for asking us to come and have no qualms about doing it again next year.

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