Motion Graphics in Flash ( JcFractal’s Demo Reel )

14 thoughts on “Motion Graphics in Flash ( JcFractal’s Demo Reel )

  1. jcfractal

    Yeah, just starting, but the motion graphic concepts are the same, just more and different tools. Flash is for web, After Effects is for Video media, so some companies might only need web work, so only Flash.

  2. jcfractal

    I’ve been a designer since 1999.
    The box cubes are vector squares,
    turned to movie clips and tweened and scaled in color and position. pretty simple,
    the key is creating movement and color changes that flow.

    The song is: Radio Head “Fake Plastic Trees”

  3. jcfractal

    thank you 🙂
    The school of hard knocks lol.
    I have a background in programming,
    but lets just say my fellow designers
    are my teachers.

  4. blacthought

    you are VERY GOOD with the flash…
    how long have you been designer?
    two questions: how did you do the box/cube visual effects toward the begining of your video… the design with the light blue background screen?

    second: what song is that playing in your

  5. jcfractal

    Thank you,
    All these animations range from flash 4 to MX,
    With 3D elements done in Swift 3D,
    and lots of elbow grease. : )

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