MMA & Submission Wrestling Takedowns – High Single Leg

6 thoughts on “MMA & Submission Wrestling Takedowns – High Single Leg

  1. subwrestler01

    name some takedowns that DON’T expose you to getting punched in the face?

    You’ll see single & double leg takedowns in the UFC.

    The high single shown here is one great way to finish so as to not get punched in the face. We see top UFC fighters “run the pipe” to finish a single, but the same criticism would be applied there, they’ll just punch you in the face. Sometimes you have to take a punch to get the fight on the ground.

    Good technique!

  2. subwrestler01

    I’ve seen wrestlers use this in the Olympics, good stuff, like the high single. It is great to already be past their guard so you can score extra points when they hit the mat.

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