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25 thoughts on “MMA SLAM

  1. bloodymarry667

    I reckons he shouldve gone over backwards like put him on his head. Cause he ran forwards and slammed him forwards if he went backwards i reckon he wouldve possibly got a ko or something. I dunno…

  2. jas108

    @fighter655 well it might not have had that much tecnique but u cant deny that was a HUGE slam and im sure it was very effective.

  3. uberhax0r1

    that is pete “slam” duncan from chum sut spartans in northern ireland itrain with this guy,, sorta

  4. AcidEye126

    @itsallgood239 first of all im not mad lol yet again u think u are a big lawd tryin to slabber at me just cause ur behind a computer… quit actin the fool mate and leave it before u make yourself make look like a bigger idiot

  5. AcidEye126

    @itsallgood239 to comment was a nice try but it failed and dont think ur a big lawd jjus cause ur behind a computer…

  6. AcidEye126

    @itsallgood239 yes because just cause he lifted someone up and slammed them down makes him a wrestler LOL , its called upper body strength and UFC is combined with MMA mixed martial arts which consists of fighting techniques which require ground control to dominate the opposing player by submission.., i dont call that humping.. what me an your mum did was humping;) bysaying that UFC hump wins is saying that all fighting techiques hump win… u spastic

  7. kutari

    i dont know! i think i watched it again and again to see the slam, how it happend, then i decided to see the reaction of each person, then i was like… WHAT THE?! a nun?!?!

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