Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – Web Forms

12 thoughts on “Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – Web Forms

  1. RafaelZeljka

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  2. mamacoco01

    I am using FileZilla client to upload my publisher webpages. I am having problems with it only uploading certain changes, not all of the updates. I have turned off the incremental option already. Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  3. Miamibeachdoc2008

    Chuckie, How do I create a drop down menu for my web form in Publisher? I’d like to create a 1 thru 10 drop down. A Click on the arrow, select the number type form…? Thanks. T

  4. c130bulldawg

    Thanks for the positive comment. I’m back from deployment and ready to make new videos. Thanks for the patience.

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