Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – More Creating Web Page Basics

23 thoughts on “Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – More Creating Web Page Basics

  1. c130bulldawg

    @MrBeny619 Cool. I’m sure you will find new things to do with Publisher. Then it will time for you to make some videos and send me the links.


  2. MrBeny619

    @c130bulldawg you rock! i’ve seen about half of your vids and they are easy to follow and have really helped me with pub. thanks

  3. c130bulldawg

    @joseperezquezada Keep having fun with Publisher and let me know if I can make a video on how to do something.


  4. c130bulldawg

    @joseperezquezada You’re English is fine. When you are creating Web pages and click on the Web navigation on the screen, it will not do anything. You have to go to the bottom of the page where there is a page 1 2 3 and click on those. The links will work when you save the page as a Web page and view it in Internet Explorer.


  5. joseperezquezada

    does any body know ,why my publisher windows 7 only shows the web navigation bar ,but when i try to click it to go to the other pages it does not work, i see in this video that he clicks and goes to the pages ,i`m sorry for my english i´m a student in mexico, thanks.

  6. c130bulldawg

    Double check the location of the file you uploaded. Open a browser and type the address of the picture and see if it shows up. If not, you need to find the real address of the picture. When you have the URL, go to the picture properties and put in the URL for the picture. When you do a Web page preview, it should now show up.

  7. helenpi

    Hi there, can you please help me. After creating, and then uploading to the hosting co/internet my pictures dont upload…just little red x where the pic should be. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help.

  8. c130bulldawg

    Microsoft has dropped the support for Web pages in 2010. I am running the beta. Because of this, I have ceased to use Office 2007 to make Web pages.

  9. c130bulldawg

    You can either embed the html using the html fragment method or you can upload the page using an FTP program. Publisher is getting more and more difficult to upkeep. I have started to use drupal and wordpress.

  10. Lokussapiens

    Thank you for instructions. May I ask how you center a webpage i office publisher? I have created a site, but it all is left orientet. In advance, thanks.

  11. c130bulldawg

    I checked the M$ Web site and it states that Office 2007 if fully functional as long as you activate it as trial software. If you did not activate it will only work on reduced functionality.

  12. mooferone

    cool hey listen thank you very much I have a question why is it that I can’t webpage preview I am running a publisher 2007 trial, is it because is a trial basis software that is not letting me do this please advise

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