Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – Embed Video in Web Page

19 thoughts on “Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – Embed Video in Web Page

  1. c130bulldawg

    @abareisable Sign up for an account with sliderocket or slideshare. Upload your PowerPoint presentation. You will get an embed code. Use the html code fragment option in publisher to add the embed code in your Website.


  2. YourComputerExpert

    I start with Blank page if i refresh my whole website 😛
    Im refreshing it right now: H o t h a b b o p a g e . n l 🙂
    Wait! This is not ment as advertisment, just to let you see what i made of a blank page 😀

  3. JustGen05

    thank you sooo much. you made my assignment soo easy. im sitting here doin an all-nighter and you have made it possible 🙂 thanks xx

  4. helenpi

    Hi there, can you please help. When I insert my pics into publisher I store them in my image folder and then link them but they dont seem to upload onto the website. …thanks H

  5. MaewaLao

    You’re so helpful! Thank you very much! This is my second time making a web and this ones for a new business. designing it gets difficult sometimes… lol, so TY!

  6. snowqueenkat

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!! I love you right now 🙂 I have been trying to learn how to do this for my company’s site. Great tutorial. Very easy to understand and it worked! 🙂

  7. c130bulldawg

    You must first upload the video using ftp to your server. Then link using the relative link “./” without the quotes. the dot slash links to things in the same folder.

  8. bobhaha

    ok this is easy… but how can I embed or link to my video that I have in the same folder as the .pub file??

  9. c130bulldawg

    I use the code fragments for almost everything. Embedding is easy when you have the right code.


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