Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – Embed Multiple Track Flash Audio Player

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – Embed Multiple Track Flash Audio Player

  1. c130bulldawg

    I have more videos on Publisher Web pages that might help. To add a page, go to insert pages. Pick a type from the list and Publisher will add a page with a link to the left. Each page is represented by a tab at the bottom of the page. When you publish, it will publish all pages.

  2. Ninjapicers

    O.k. I got microsoft office for christmas and I have been using Dreamweaver, but I don’t have the disc and I rather not pay for Dreamweaver. So could you tell me how I can have more than 1 page on publisher. Thanks.

  3. derby46a

    Could I put the path to the music I’ve downloaded from iTunes on my C: drive in the code where it says “song.mp3”? Wouldn’t that mean, though, that people would be accessing my music from my C: drive? I know that wouldn’t be safe.
    I ask b/c I don’t know what you mean by putting a relative link or a url in place of “song.mp3”. I don’t know of any url address where I would store my music. I’m new to this webpage stuff.
    Thanks for your help.

  4. marktywharton

    Great article only you are talking about a multiple track flash audio player not a multi-track player. Multi-track would allow you to separate the drums, bass, guitars etc. Multiple tracks are obviously a playlist!

  5. PhDrums

    Chucky…spot on fella. this is all good stuff and these tutorials are really helping me out. Keep em’ coming : )

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