Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – Embed Audio in Web Page

19 thoughts on “Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – Embed Audio in Web Page

  1. c130bulldawg

    @RJScooters Embedding audio or music only works on the page it is embedded on. In order to listen to the music on all the pages, you would need to embed it in the header or footer.

  2. RJScooters

    Hi! I did everything that you did on your video and i realised that when i click onto another page the music stops working. I want to be able to hear the music throughout their scrolling through the web page.
    Write back soon!

  3. c130bulldawg

    If it is a link, right-click and save as. If it is just playing in the background, go to your browser and choose view source from the view menu. You should see the web site for the mp3 file. Copy the URL to your browser. Sorry it took so long to respond but I just got back from deployment.

  4. 804186443

    how do i get an audio file from a website to my computer without embedding?i’m trying to save the file as an mp3 file.

  5. c130bulldawg

    Post away. I’m always glad to hear from someone that is helped by one of my videos. Your Web site is simple, elegant, tasteful and creative. Kudos for such great designs. I know if I were creating an eBay Store, I would definitely use your services.


  6. MadeToBeUnique

    I tried replying, but I think youtube rejected my last reply. Anyways, are you okay if I host this same video – I’ve given you full credits, I just want to be able to post it in my blog w/out worries of it being lost. Let me know if this is okay w/you or not, thanks! and thanks for the compliment! 😀

  7. derby46a

    Hello. I plan to watch your videos. This is my first and has been very helpful!
    I embedded some sample music like you did in your vid but I wanted visualizations and didn’t get them. Can you help me?
    I used the code you did from Media College so the object size is 192 x 190.

  8. c130bulldawg

    Hi. I added a new video that explains how to create story links without the navigation bar. I use text boxes and use the linking feature. The down side is that the pages get a little too long and some people don’t like to scroll. So, the navigation bar isn’t all bad. Let me know if I wasn’t clear.

  9. marlene31

    Hi There I am making a web Page in Publisher2007 in my main page is my home page when i put a story it jump to a new page and put a new Navigation Bar, how can i contine the story without adding navigation bar.

  10. c130bulldawg

    When in Publisher, save the Web page as index.html. Publisher will create a folder with all the files and images. Log into Go Daddy and navigate to the control panel. Upload all the files in the folder. As a default, your domain will look for the Web page index.html as the home page.

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