Microsoft Expression Web 3 Overview

10 thoughts on “Microsoft Expression Web 3 Overview

  1. imangekyo

    me and my hommies plan to use this to make a digital delivery website for indie games, it will be alot liem steam.

  2. beruud

    Been using expression for a few weeks and I find it light years ahead of dreamweaver. I sold my licensed copy of dreamweaver and use expression almost exclusively. It has some quirks, but over all its a good program. I can’t speak for the latest dreamweaver that is about to come out, but expression3 vs dreamweaver4… there is no contest IMO. Expression3 hands down.

  3. TheLotharable

    For some professional users, Dreamweaver might be better, but it’s also much more expensive – about 500€ or 350€ for the Student’s edition.

  4. Typhoon07

    Dream weaver is far better imo. It works perfectly with other adobe products too. Expression is only good when it’s free off dreamspark.

    Other than that, get the Adobe web design package at the student discount if you’re at uni or college.

  5. NightSniper2008

    You think Dreamweaver CS4 is easier than MS Expression 3?

    Please someone give me a piece of advice because I am planning to start learning web development.

  6. Typhoon07

    For free on dreamspark and it’s cheap price else where it’s ok. But it’s nothing compared to Dreamweaver CS4.

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