Michael Jackson Press Conference at the o2 Arena in London

24 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Press Conference at the o2 Arena in London

  1. AaronIsAngelus

    i had to watch this again, cant believe it! i get to see my hero live… the whole golf buggy comment still bothers me…. listen to that crowd!! nuts!

  2. imajohnnylover

    he’ll be performing in july. my birthday is in july and i hope i get to see one of them for my birthday because michael is the KING:)))

  3. RodrigoSisdeli

    I think all people from all countries in the world want to be there to see the most important come back from the music history

  4. mijac1

    haha i can see myself in this vid!!!! what an amazing day well worth the 26 hours of waiting i’d do it again in a heartbeat

  5. AaronIsAngelus

    oh, and whats with the sky news guy saying he was getting into a golf buggy? yer man is obviously short sighted or something

  6. bbear2222

    My favorite part was was the 45 year old, fat, balding man in the front row screaming at the top of his lungs. What a freak.

  7. debussy84

    oh yeah, obviously he’s lying when he’s says its his final shows, but who cares this time, wooohoooo!

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