MDN vs. MSDN: Mozilla FTW

MindTouch, the developer of the software that powers the Mozilla Developer Network‘s documentation center, spent this week sponsoring a competitive battle, pitting MDN up against the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site in the areas of user experience, social features, engagement, and findability. They offered their thoughts on the comparison between the two developer network sites in each of those categories, as well as overall, and then let their readers cast their votes on which they found superior in each area.

Today, MindTouch announced the result of their voting, and the Mozilla Developer Network site won in all categories (albeit by a slender margin in the “social” arena), as well as overall.

That serves as an affirmation that our open documentation model works, and works well. We have big plans for the future that will help make our content even better. Watch this space for news!

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