MDN: The Kuma switch begins on July 5th!

Hopefully by now you’re aware we’re switching to a brand new, Mozilla-built wiki platform for the Mozilla Developer Network. The new site will launch in mid-July, and we’re incredibly excited about it!

As part of the launch process, we’re going to begin directing all editing of content to the new wiki starting on July 5th. That means any time someone tries to edit a page, they will actually go to the new site and edit that instead. No editing of the current, MindTouch powered site will be possible from that time on.

The current site will remain in place for the time being, and viewers will see that rather than the updated content. However, each page will include a banner explaining the situation and offering a link to the equivalent page on the new wiki, for people that want to view the very latest content.

On the weekend of July 7-8, we plan to have a very structured test program, led by Mozilla’s brilliant QA team. We will be inviting community members to participate actively, to help ensure that the new site is ready for action.

We continue to expect to launch the new site on or around July 15th, directing all traffic there.

Watch this space for further announcements. We’re getting close now, and we’ll need your help to get there!

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