Lesson One – What is JOOMLA?

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22 thoughts on “Lesson One – What is JOOMLA?

  1. LanderCBM

    great vid dude..i was debating if i should change to joomla (just been coding for a week!!) and have decided to convert! Good intro to it and its features. Thanks 😀

  2. ramzyzaher

    It is a content management system CMS (just like wordpress), it is used on your site to mange content this being text, links, pictures, video, all your content, use google to find out more about cms.

  3. technoboi0

    Not enough room to explain all here.
    There are 3 main constructs to web sites. 1.Layout & look (Use Cascading Style Sheets (css))2.content (words, images etc.)3.Action (e.g. javascript – can be used for AJAX too). Usually split into 3 separate files.
    You can make the site look different & retain same content just by altering CSS file – so no real advantage of Joomla there. If you wanted different people to control content then Joomla would have a useful role in managing content.

  4. ContaMuir17a

    I still don’t understand what Joomla is. How is it used on a normal site? Why would I want a Joomla web site to use Joomla? What’s the point of this? Your explanation might make more sense if you used a regular site, not a Joomla site. How does this apply to the real world? This is very frustrating. You’re explaining to people who already understand. But if someone doesn’t know what you’re talking about this means nothing.

  5. truelifewebcom

    Guys, I’ve developed a CMS which you can you to do just more than joomla. It’s speed is incredible, all based on Ajax and PHP. Check out my video introducing it. 🙂

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