Lesson 12 Creating Survey’s and Polls With Joomla 1.5

9 thoughts on “Lesson 12 Creating Survey’s and Polls With Joomla 1.5

  1. BoxingChaos

    Great tutorial, I did not even have to watch the entire video to learn what I was doing wrong. I guess I will subscribe to your videos since you have so many tutorials and I don’t want to lose them 🙂

  2. gerryboy101

    thx 4the reply:) i’m aware of some of the other blog extentions. from research i have read that wp is a superior solution to blogging, thats why i wish to integrate in turms of member login. i know i can easily wrap with joomla for visual integration. it’s the member registration i’m concerned about. the only solution i read costs yearly fee:( sux because i’m poor right now! lol i’ll email you…. i you may find my overall idea interesting

  3. QuicSite

    Are you wanting to have a blog on Joomla? Is this why you are trying to integrate? If so then Joomla can be set up like WordPress for the most part, and there are many extensions that allow comments. Otherwise I would explore more to see if there are any free extensions that combine the two. This of course would make sense if you already have a wordpress blog with a lot of content. Otherwise I would recommend you use Joomla for the job – it gives you many options. Let me know 🙂

  4. gerryboy101

    nprobs, i watched some of your other stuff. great tutorials. i’m stuck now on trying to intigrate wordpress with joomla without getting the component offered @ $99/yr. any ideas? haven’t got your cd yet, i should grab it 2moro.

  5. gerryboy101

    thank you for this lesson. i’m a newbie and i was stuck on posting my poll. unaware i had to use a module to present it. i think you’re a very good teacher. i’ll be purchacing your cd. thx

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