Lecture 5 Assignment

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If you are using Web Project Management software, indicate which product you are using and evaluate whether this product is meeting your needs. Identify any solutions that you might want to investigate to supplement your current solution.

If you are not using Web Project Management software, indicate whether you believe such software will help you better management your projects and create a plan for choosing a plan, including a budget (free is fine.)

Note: if your projects are not complicated you might even decide to use Google Calendar to handle your projects in the beginning. See [http://lifehacker.com/5918676/how-to-use-google-calendar-as-a-project-management-tool] for information on how to get started.]

One thought on “Lecture 5 Assignment

  1. Tonya Price

    Barbara’s Week 5 Submission:

    HI Barbara,

    Excellent analysis of the criteria required to choose the Web project management tools that will best meet the needs of the client and the team, depending on the type of projects undertaken, the size and makeup of the team and the resources available. I especially like your observations from the perspective of both an internal and an external/contract project management.

    Great work. Choosing a solution is a difficult task. As a consultant it seems no matter how many tools you have used your new client inevitably is using something you have never dealt with before! However, that just lets you learn something new.


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