Learning C Programming Lesson 29: String Comparing

3 thoughts on “Learning C Programming Lesson 29: String Comparing

  1. ballafolife19

    If he uses * in front of string, it will give him the memory address of the element. without the *, the proper value is displayed. That was my understanding from the vids. go back and check it out to make sure.

  2. TheCosmicFrog

    These are great videos, Ahmed. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into putting them up here!

    I have a lab exam in C tomorrow and these videos are helping me cram!

  3. flyingpika

    Great set of tutorials!
    What in dont understand in tut 25 you used *ptr to display what the pointer ptr was pointing at.
    Now when you want to show what the pointer string is pointing at, you didnt use the * (just e.g. just string[0] and not *string[0])?

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