Learn To Become a Better Visual Web Designer

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18 thoughts on “Learn To Become a Better Visual Web Designer

  1. rzuhler

    Thanks for this video. best web gallery is awesome! i didnt know that we should focus on graphic design first then focus on html css. I actually felt guilty for focusing on the art first. Html css thing seems so intimidating. It was really the website design that pulled me into making websites in the first place. Thanks for clearing it out.

  2. ghanes14

    Hey djmixmind, I do not know much about Flash myself. How hard/tricky is it to make a navigation system in flash where someone clicks or rolls over a certain area/button and has info fly in?

    For example, I have a one page website design and wanted a services page, portfolio page and about information. Instead of having different pages, have the information show up in Flash when someone rolls/clicks said area.

    I’m assuming that would be hard and tricky to learn…

  3. ghanes14

    I was thinking that same thing earlier. I found a site that has glowing lines and found a tutorial on doing it in photoshop. Been playing with it all day, but haven’t been able to do much worth saving yet.

    Is there a way to do the glowing line effect in fireworks?

  4. ghanes14

    Seems like i’ve heard that before. On those site builder places, maybe it’s just me but seems wrong to use them to build a web site using them for a web design business. If I can’t build myself a site, how am I supposed to do it for others? Just seems wrong somehow lol.

  5. ghanes14

    Oh ok, gives me something else to think about then. I’m currently looking over the 1 page sites you gave me and writing down what I like from some and notes to go on. If I can figure out some Javascript I got a couple ideas wrote down towards a one page design.

    Example, if you look at #22 in the list, the way he has his navigation where it slides open to display the content on the same page. I like that idea. ^_^.

  6. mlwebco

    Flash sites can still rank well if they have enough inbound links coming into the site. Also, some flash sites can have HTML pages built into them that the SE’s pick up.

  7. ghanes14

    I get the feeling I someone influenced this video to the top of the pile LOL! I have been looking over the sites and was thinking before re-designing sitting down with paper and writing what I like front the sites, and “attempt” to picture it in my head. Then stress about how I’m going to do it afterwards.

    You mention flash based, I was wonder how does SEO/Flash interact? Like, can search engines crawl the flash content, if not how do flash based sites manage SEO?

  8. djmixmind

    Yeah you are right, but sometimes I feel like I started backwards cause all my design friends went from Photoshop to Dreamweaver. I started Flash then everything else.

    I feel left out 🙂

    But all your videos have been helping!!!


  9. mlwebco

    Hey, you can always do both. More of an arsenal in your bag of tricks. I always stuck with the HTML stuff because flash was too hard. There’s always a need for flash experts though.

  10. djmixmind

    Man I love your work !

    I need to start doing more Photoshop to Html sites…

    I work with Flash pretty much.

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