Learn jQuery with FireBug, jQuerify and SelectorGadget

12 thoughts on “Learn jQuery with FireBug, jQuerify and SelectorGadget

  1. nielsbom

    @hidoisan Thanks for the explanation, I’ve put this in pastebin so other people can read it more easily.

    Dang, YouTube does not allow url’s, just checkout id 363467 at the pastebin ORG site.

  2. hidoisan

    The example below shows you how jQuery and the Prototype js library can be used without conflict:

    // Do jQuery stuff using $
    // Use Prototype with $(…), etc.

    Again, though, this is only really necessary if you expect to work with another js library or if you are writing plugins.

  3. nielsbom

    OK I think I understand the $ argument, but is that just for the part where you start the execution of the Javascript or basically everywhere I would use a $ now?



  4. hidoisan


    Yes you can use the shorthand $ function, but doing so puts you at risk of conflicting with another library. It is considered good programming to always begin coding with jQuery(), or using jQuery.noConflict when you know you’ll be working with another library (like prototype).

  5. nielsbom

    Instead of calling jQuery by calling jQuery() you can also use the shorter form: $()

    In the video I don’t see you closing every statement with a semicolon, although that works inside the console, I’d like to emphasize the good habit of ending every statement with a semicolon. You probably know that, but some neophyte Javascript learners may not.

    Anyways, thanks for the video!

  6. helmus2000

    i was using web developer toolbar for this functionality , but it seems firebug is a whole lot more awesome for this! i’m installing it right away!

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