Learn HTML Basics – 1 of 2

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25 thoughts on “Learn HTML Basics – 1 of 2

  1. basepointcdne

    i appreciate the video upload. for anyone who is having some HTML trouble, you can learn much easier with the site easyhtml . net. its where I learned to code. i hope it helps!

  2. RignesTau090

    hey i’d like if u would show me how to open the webpage and the basic stuff of webside! 😀 great video iv’e learned alot! 😀

  3. mauythaiguy11

    mine was all green the box was aligned to the top left and there was no text

    im gonna have a relook over see if i made a mistake

  4. ICSuccess

    It’s Notepad 2 and you can get it at notepad2(dot)com

    the url is in the video at 0:31 and yes, it is free

    I highly recommend using Notepad++ though. It is also free and offers a lot more features. I only used Notepad 2 for demonstrating the different aspects of the html tag.

    Just run a google search for “Notepad++ Download” and click the first option.

    Good Luck!

  5. ICSuccess

    I haven’t used frontpage, but here’s a useful source that will help you do that.

    Search for HOW TO ADD ROWS IN FRONTPAGE in Google and click the first result. It should be Microsoft’s website.

    Sorry, but youtube won’t allow me to type the code or post a url here.

  6. ICSuccess

    Not at all. When using more than one attribute in a tag, it doesn’t matter what order they come in. So long as they’re spaced correctly and have the correct quotation marks, you should be fine.

  7. FrozenNephilim

    It didn’t seem to make a difference when I tried it, but does it matter if you do something like entering the height before the width?

  8. gamefreak1000000

    Thanks a lot. I talked with Bill Gates about HTML and he was pretty clear, but some of the things he said was confusing. Thanks for summing it up!

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