KompoZer, Super Speed Demo!

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23 thoughts on “KompoZer, Super Speed Demo!

  1. joshthomas80yt

    @entyceit Technically speaking, you can do anything with Kompozer that you would do in Dreamweaver. The difference is that Kompozer is open source (free) and may not be quite as slick or user friendly all the time. But it’s also not $400.

  2. GMTdad9095

    Great video Josh! I learned more about how to create a website in this 9 minute video than if I spent $100’s on ebooks etc. I’ll definitely be buying your tutorials whenever I feel like I need them. Probably if I experiment with CSS

  3. joshthomas80yt

    Seems like you may have erased your progress then saved it that way. You may need to start over, unless you had a back up. That’s a bummer. I hope there wasn’t too much invested in that page.

  4. joshthomas80yt

    Hmmm. That’s a good question. I know it is possible, but a little more difficult using straight HTML and out of my realm, to be quite honest. I’ve found it easier to do the more complex Content Management type stuff with WordPress. On there, submenus can be created and arranged with a couple of clicks. Maybe try the “Kommunity” and see if anyone can help you there.

  5. joshthomas80yt

    hmmm. Not sure about that one, but it’s certainly possible that they haven’t made an upgrade for it yet.

    Windows kind of creeps me out a little anyway. 🙂 j/k

  6. joshthomas80yt

    Awesome! Be sure to check out our new “Kompozer Kommunity” by visiting the link in my description for more help.

  7. robyr77

    hey Josh,,,
    Just stopping by and say THANKS for your videos….I am a newbie in the building website world, and your videos are very helpful!! thank you, keep them coming!!!!

  8. tallabas

    I would love to try Kompozer but have tried to no avail to download it. I have Windows 7, is that why I am having problems?

  9. elieobeid77

    @joshthomas80yt thx man yesterday i didn’t watch the hole video cuz the internet connection was too slow but today I watch and I see that you have already told people how to create a second page. In fact you are the only man on the internet who tell people CORRECTLY how to publish a second. I search the internet and youtube and all I found is lessons on how to publish the first page which is pretty easy. And you are the only one on youtube to answer the questions of people thanks a lot 😛

  10. joshthomas80yt

    Create a new blank file and save it as (something else).html

    You can just go to the file menu and select “New”.

    To connect them, you’ll need a navbar.

  11. elieobeid77

    hey thanks for the tutorial…I have published my first page but how to publish a second and third one?…

  12. RabinoBoricuaVirtual

    Great tutorial Josh! Love your Apple screen casting program effects. Keep up the good work!

  13. joshthomas80yt

    You’ll need to type the path into your source code. The path will vary depending on where your image is stored. Another thing you could do is place all images into one folder on your desktop and insert them into Kompozer using the given tools. THEN, upload the folder to your root directory and no extra work is needed. If that doesn’t make sense, sorry but my brain is mush at the moment. You’re welcome to email me.

  14. fatsotomuscles

    I just FTP’d the image I want to my hosting server. Now how do I get the image onto my website?

  15. joshthomas80yt

    Are you publishing to a server? If so, have you uploaded your images to the server? your browser accesses images just like other files, so they must be available on your server in order to appear on a published page. Hope this helps.

  16. maw88ify

    And if you highlight two cell using the the mouse then right click you can Join Selected Cells, I use this in Linux, many of the free tool that Mac uses was first made for Linux… I also have BlueFish for Linux… 🙂

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