Kalpesh Sharma proves LIVE on AIR by modifying program of the Electronic Voting Machine

11 thoughts on “Kalpesh Sharma proves LIVE on AIR by modifying program of the Electronic Voting Machine

  1. mohmaslam

    Congress has come upto this level of doing the crime and misusing their powers on general public. I never? assumed this. Now it seems like this message should be sent to every citizen across the nation. And who the hell is this ECI Chief Election Commissioner?

  2. mohmaslam

    I have a doubt? Has Indian Citizens got independence where such misuse of powers and position are being done? I think that pre-1947, we were ruled by Britishers and? post-1947 Congress is ruling us? And we Indian Fools are celebrating 15th August with great hapiness. This question is for every Indian Citizen: Are you truely and honestly speaking living in a democratic and Independant Country? Ask your children this question? You will get the answer for yourself.

  3. mohmaslam

    Hariprasad is arrested… This proves now very clearly that EVM’s were truely tampered and the election commission of india is now misusing their powers by arresting the common indian citizens.

  4. markwessex

    So, this is the legacy of india’s italian/mafia links?

    Bend the systems?

    Sonia gandhi and her mob most probably have a lot to answers for!

  5. markwessex

    How can indians allow this, when US/EU etc, don’t trust this technology?

    How can you have a system to control democratic elections, that leaves NO audit trail?

    Even a bloody shop keeper has to reconcile his accounts!

    Last 2 elections in India went against all trends, how come? Who gained from this.

    This sounds like FRAUD at a massive scale! How do you backtrack, when there are NO controls in the system.

    You are STUPID FOOLS, to trust your CORRUPT politicians? U need a revolution!

  6. mohmaslam

    They are great persons according to my opinion and millions of others also. I know that ! But some unfair political people do not want good political persons to workout for the nation. They just want their own personal benefits. But anyway ! as a technical expert, my mission is finally successful.

  7. mohmaslam

    He just said that the EVM should be stopped for usage in Maharashtra Elections till they are made 100% secure and efficient. I have nothing to do with politics though I appreciate Advaniji and Vajpayeeji.

  8. mohmaslam

    Advaniji started it, then the loosing party winners also started accpeting the truth and now media also accepts the truth. It’s now upto public citizens that with whom you all 100 million citizens want to be with – The one who cheated and frauded your feelings and emotions through technical tamperings? Though I appreciate Advaniji who did not claim for results.

  9. mohmaslam

    On this basis/ground I had a doubt and I started my mission to prove this technical disability of Electronic Voting Machine. I worked from the date of the results of elections and got in touch with key peoples. I also sent a mail to Advaniji and all BJP key personnels as well as all the loosing party MP’s MLA’s. They all agree to my experiments at some extent. And this was the time when all of them decided to raise the voice through an issue.

  10. mohmaslam

    Thanks ! But that’s true and that’s what I am trying to explain the every citizen of my country that they all have been cheated in the 2009 elections. Else millions of RSS members, millions o VHP members, Millions of BJP members, Millions of BJP members and also millions of members of the other loosing parties and though the polling results are shocking.

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