K-9 Unit Promotional Video

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6 thoughts on “K-9 Unit Promotional Video

  1. soooTyLeR

    most dogs do sleep in with the family. my friend is a k9 for LAPD. Every morning when he wakes up to go to work the dog is already scratching at the door wanting to work. it just goes on where you want the dog to live

  2. 8122556

    What a beautiful dog! I found a 7 year old GS from a non-kill shelter that was for adoption. Unfortunately , we are renting and we have no yard,but my god if we had a house I would of adopt him. He was really beautiful and a teddy bear!


    Awsome vid!!! great job!!! I want to be a k9 officer when i grow up? Could you send me morek9 videos please?

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