jQuery For Absolute Beginners

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25 thoughts on “jQuery For Absolute Beginners

  1. politicalair

    @kurukulie iWeb is a hosting provider? Or related to Apple? If you are an absolute beginner I recommend jQuery from Novice to Ninja (book).

    You should be aware that jQuery requires knowledge in HTML, CSS, DOM (Document Object Model) and yes even javascript to take advantage of. So the learning curve is steep unless you are already a front-end web guru. You also need a bit of minor programming knowledge (loops and logic mostly).

  2. kurukulie

    Thanks for your tute!
    I’m an absolute beginner and would love to use jQuery with iWeb… any tutorials you can recommend on how to use jQuery with iWeb?

  3. lopff

    I learnt a little bit of JQuery but I totally left my carreer in programming when I opened my “Breastfeeding Academy for Maternal Excellence” and I started making tons of money!

  4. darkangelcloud7

    …wth is this? All I want to do is to try to make my internet web browsing scroll smoothly not like skipping a frame page..

  5. deejayedwards

    This guys mic sounds like its strapped to the motherboard, you can hear the bloody hard drive heads ticking as they make reads!

  6. CrazyDancingBear

    @MrYosheOne Jquery has to run on a mac, windows, linux etc. because it will reach visitors using any number of OS’s and browsers. It’s a javascript library which comes in the form of a javascript file that you simply call like any other file in your html (or php, asp or whatever) document.

    So short answer is yes, Jquery is platform and browser independent.

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