JavaScript DOM XML parsing

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14 thoughts on “JavaScript DOM XML parsing

  1. mhussein9

    @colcoomagnumar Thank you, “zeft” and “neela” are Arabic words kinda like saying “crap” or “shit” .. lol

  2. colcoomagnumar

    This is the most simple example of reading an XML file with JavaScript without jQuery…thanks!

    Out of interest, what does ‘zeft’ and ‘neela’ mean? 🙂

  3. mhussein9

    Welcome, you might need to parse the XML file with a server side script (PHP for example) or pass the data with AJAX to a server side script that executes the query to your database.

  4. mhussein9

    Thank you!
    Because the element itself is a node and the text value of an element is another node.
    Hope that was helpful.

  5. bloodbuf

    Nice work man i see that u used notepad++
    which make the code look very cool in the video good luck with your efforts
    Ramy M. Raslan

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