January WordPress update

As a web professional, you are likely aware that WordPress is used as the principle technology for over 25% of the top 10 million websites (actually now 29% based on the December WordCamp US State of the Word 2017). To better understand the reach of this technology – in the above mentioned State of the Word presentation, it was mentioned there are now over 47,000 plugins and said plugins have been downloaded over 633 million times.

WordPress update

Version 5 coming (Project Gutenberg)

We have recently learned that the next major update (version 5.0) will be based on Project Gutenberg.  We understand this will be the most extensive update since version 2.0 of WordPress. As a web professional, it is important you understand the implications of this upgrade (and the potential effects with your clients). These include:

  • the default editor is changing from the current TinyMCE editor (and changing significantly). If your clients are editing their own content, you need to either train them on the new editor or make certain you use the classic editor plugin (you might want to try both out to better understand the changes). Note this is beta software at the time of this writing so you do not want to install this on any production WordPress sites.
  • although you can presently test Project Gutenberg, it is presently available as a plugin (meaning you may not be able to fully test your current themes and plugins at the moment).
  • the new focus will be on conceptual editing (similar to what you may have experienced with LinkedIn Pulse or similar approaches).
  • the focus is on “identifying and adding meaning to content using blocks and block contests.” See below for what this means.

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