iWeb Master Class Part 1.1

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10 thoughts on “iWeb Master Class Part 1.1

  1. redgeeteeeye

    question about backrounds…does anyone here know how to make it so that the webpage will fill up the page on whatever browser the user see’s? For example I make a orange to white gradient page backround..but when I open it ill see a the orange gradient and then a big chunk of white on both sides..I want the whole page to be orange no matter what size

  2. graystaz11

    I have only watched the first 3 or so minutes of this tutorial and it has answered all my questions so far. This is my first mac and I love it!!!

  3. hwhetstone

    I am using the “Fine Line” 3.O theme. When using the comic theme as you used in your tutorial, you easily the “extra graphics” on the very bottom of the page (usually where the ‘made by a mac’ logo resides) by selecting it and deleting it. It does not seem to work on the Fine Line 3.0 theme. Any suggestions as to how I can delete the extra graphics?

    Also, is there a way to generate a custom theme? Or to use the text and image style from say the Fine Line theme on the White theme? thanks

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