Introduction to Presentations

Introduction to Presentations and Skills


Presentation is the practice of showing and explaining the content of a topic to an audience or learner. Presentations come in nearly as many forms as there are life situations. In the business world, there are sales presentations, informational and motivational presentations, first encounters, interviews, briefings, status reports, image-building, and of course, the inevitable training sessions.

Although individuals most often think of presentations in a business meeting context, there are countless occasions when that is not the case. For example, a Non Profit Organization presents the need for a capital fund-raising campaign to benefit the victims of a recent tragedy; a school district superintendent presents a program to parents about the introduction of foreign-language instruction in the elementary schools;an artist demonstrates decorative painting techniques to a group of interior designers; a horticulturist shows garden club members or homeowners how they might use native plants in the suburban landscape; a police officer addresses a neighborhood association about initiating a safety program.

Presentations can also be categorized as vocational and avocational. In addition, they are expository or persuasive. And they can be impromptu, extemporaneous, written, or memorizes. When looking at presentations in the broadest terms, it’s more important to focus on their purpose. There are three basic purposes for giving oral presentations:

To inform
To persuade
To build good will


The process of offering for consideration or display
A social introduction, as of a person at court
A demonstration, lecture, or welcoming speech
A manner or style of speaking, instructing, or putting oneself forward
The manner of presenting, esp the organization of visual details to create an overall impression
The formal introduction of a person, as into society or at court; debut

Learning outcomes

* What are the three types of presentations and how are they used?
* What are the various definitions of presentation and how are they used?
* Discuss the benefits of visual presentations and how they benefit the audience


Review the Presentation overview on Wkipedia Presentation watch the following video with the questions listed above in mind.

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