Introduction to Drupal – Beginners only

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Drupal – Beginners only

  1. JacanaProductions

    @resmediamarketing Not sure, WordPress is easier to use and setup but Drupal is far better to customize / code hence the reason went with Drupal not WordPress. Like anything, it’s about the application. If you want to get from A to B then drive an Accord but want to impress the girls then you may need a BWM 🙂 Ok so my car analogies are a little off but you get the idea.

  2. resmediamarketing

    This was a very good starter video on Drupal.
    Thank you for creating it.

    “They were at a Star Trek convention” LOL

    –What do you personally think the top 3 reasons that Drupal is better than using WordPress?


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