Introduction to Dreamweaver CS5 – Part 2

7 thoughts on “Introduction to Dreamweaver CS5 – Part 2

  1. dmask76

    ok…i love the work you have done…i have a problem where you go from video 3 to 4 and add 2 extra pages without showing us how you did it. I def had to subscribe and have saved your web page as a favorite but it seems like you’re jumping and not explaining…

  2. PiroMunkie

    When you resize an image on the page, is it no different than using HTML to shrink an image down?

    If so, that would be pretty bad practice. I’ve run into extreme examples before where people have a photo that’s normally several thousands of pixels in each dimension, and a few MBs in size. They size it down using HTML alone instead of image editing software, so they still have that massive image slowing their page down even though they think it’s smaller because of the HTML.

  3. TheSteelglory

    Hey, where is the last pic goes? (The Map Kansas turns into a grey box)

    By the way, detailed explaination!

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