Introducing Aurora 9

We have just released Aurora 9 (download and test Aurora 9), which is planned to be the upcoming Firefox 9. In it, we have a number of new things that we hope will get you excited!

JavaScript Type Inference

We’ve improved JavaScript performance once again with type inference. We’ve made significant improvements on both the V8 and Kraken benchmarks, and you should see real-world improvements to JavaScript performance as well.

JavaScript Interface for Do Not Track

Firefox 4 introduced Do Not Track, and now there is a way to detect a users’prefence through JavaScript as well:

mouseenter and mouseleave events

For some time now, web developers have been struggling with handling mouseover and mouseout events on elements, since when child elements have gained focus, the event has bubbled up and triggered mouseout on the parent element – something you would in most cases not like to happen.

Therefore, we are now happy to introduce support for mouseenter and mouseleave events:

Camera UI for Mobile

You can now use an input element to trigger a native app to take pictures. Please try the Camera UI for Mobile demo.

Support for chunked XMLHttpRequest

When doing XMLHttpRequest requests with large data sets, you can now get partial data as it arrives instead of waiting for it all to show up. You can use this to build more responsive and more efficient web sites.

Other changes

We’ve also got support for a bunch of other changes as well. These will be added to the Firefox 9 for Developers page over the next few weeks.






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3 thoughts on “Introducing Aurora 9

  1. Jonas Sicking

    It’s generally quite intentional that big features land right after a aurora branch and thus “just miss the merge”. We prefer to let big features like that bake in nightlies for 6 weeks as to ensure that we fix any bugs, rather than rush it in.

    It’s better for developers to not have to work around a buggy implementation than to have it 6 weeks earlier.

  2. Jason

    So 3D transforms just missed the code merge to Aurora?

    Other than that, font-stretch is long overdue, I don’t think any other browser out there actually supports that property.

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