Internet & Computer Tips : How to Remove Internet Explorer From Windows XP

24 thoughts on “Internet & Computer Tips : How to Remove Internet Explorer From Windows XP

  1. viperpulse

    Yeah guys he did it wrong. He showed unchecking it but then he rechecked it and unchecked WMP. Which if you followed that exactly you would have kept IE but got rid of WMP. He must have thought people would not follow his exact actions in a tutorial.

  2. viperpulse

    That does not remove IE. That removes the shortcuts only. IE is embedded in the Windows Shell and it’s extremely hard to get rid of. This does not remove it completely from your system. Test it by opening an IE HTML file, watch and see that IE will still open. It is not removed by unchecking it in Windows Components.

  3. itzmrrip

    why are you guys mad at him? you all should have system restore so use it. besides, VLC media player is the best media player in the world and Microsoft games that are built in to windows suck. it worked for me, and i run windows XP professional. so not to be mean, but you guys gotta stop whining.

  4. myspaceuser567

    u cant remove this, microsoft even said that its illegal, IE is protected by microsoft so no matter what you do IE will always come back, i think this method only works for vista, oh and if anyone knows how to remove IE in Xp please message me or reply to this comment

  5. FuneralFog88

    @numanumaaddict Hey mate u are an freaking idiot!!! U did not remove checks from other programs IDIOT!!!!

  6. Brianoop

    Do you know something … ? FUCK YOU I didn’t removed IE I found this fucking video on recommended videos you assshole and i you don’t like my comments you can go and fuck yourself..

  7. YourTechAdmin

    Umm, the whole first part of your video was USELESS! Plus, why are you explaining how to open the start menu?! Any third grader knows how works!

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