Internet & Computer Help : How to Make an External Hard Drive From Your Old, Disused PC

25 thoughts on “Internet & Computer Help : How to Make an External Hard Drive From Your Old, Disused PC

  1. Gransalayva

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  2. jindatesha

    thanks man i didnt read external at first so i was just gonna refresh my memory but now i know how to make an external harddrive…epic!!!

  3. security7563494

    thanks for idea it works i have a 95 hard drive it was a school computer now its a External hard drive lol

  4. Alfymon

    @khonglap you can buy these hard drives virtually anywhere ebay,,amazon, or your local computer parts store has the cheapest prices for Hard Drives for I suggest u buy a laptop external hard drive because a laptop hard-drive case/enclosure is cheaper than a desktop hard drive case. Once u hook up your HD to your comp just click were ever your HD is located and click format disk very simple.

  5. Alfymon

    @CARTMEN117 You can just use the usb cable supplied with your Hard Drive enclosure/case if u can see the cable hes holding has two usb plugins one for power the other sending and receiving info. I bought a cheap enclosure/case off ebay and the usb cable supplied had two usb plugins i paid less than 6 bucks w/free ship for it 2.5″.

  6. khonglap

    where do you get the drive ?. The desktop unable to see the external harddrive ?. Do you format the external harddrive before you install it into external enclosure ?.
    Please help.Thanks

  7. CARTMEN117

    hi i was just wondering do you need a power cable to make in work or can you just use the usb cable this with a desktop computer hard drive. THANKS PLEASE REPLY!!!!! =)

  8. CouncilHater2009

    hi how can i just format old harddrive to use sa an external? drive . so i can just use it to back up dater pictures its a 2.5 wd 120.0gb hard drive hp laptop vista or wins 7and format to os systems

  9. CouncilHater2009

    if you use a old hardrive out of a lap top and build one with a case how do you remove all the data off the hardrive if you use a old 2.5 hardrive

  10. matte957

    Wouldn’t a ordinary case that fits it just work as well?
    If you have an book for example you could just glue it up and make one of those “secret” box-case and use that instead? Would look little more fun with a book…

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