Installing MAMP

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16 thoughts on “Installing MAMP

  1. ots0ku

    1..MAMP can be use in windows 7??
    2..I have a XAMPP?? I’m using XAMPP..
    3..what is the difference between MAMP and XAMPP???
    4..MAMP how it works???

  2. the3rdceo

    Thank you so much for this. This really helped me out a lot! I’m still on the fence with which editor to use coda or expresso… I like both… Decisions, decisions, decisions!


  3. SeventhFlow

    thank you very much, you really help me through all the installing parts. If only I had saw your video I would like have save 2 days of search thought internet, cuz using the terminal in mac is freaken hard :S

  4. ohnoesitsraphy

    Espresso is very nice, the UI is amazing. But the function suggestion for PHP is horrible so far =

  5. adrianrf1000

    you might mention TextMate, too.

    it’s a) half the price and b) has many more power-programming features because it’s about as extensible as Firefox (not that there’s anything bad about Coda; it’s cool too).

    plus, MAMP Pro adds a super straightforward UI on top of MAMP that provides fine-grained config control. have owned & used it happily for years.

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