Install Classified Ads PHP Script

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22 thoughts on “Install Classified Ads PHP Script

  1. rich05100

    i am creating a website a school project and i want students to post their needs can you help me on that

  2. ammelissa

    nice tutorial but when I opened config.php I don’t see mySQL, nor i see host name….

    I downloaded demo 3. any clues. thanks

  3. elitelakeozarks

    do you have the sql table I could load and play around with? everyting went smoothly until I got to the createtb.php and it wouldnt work? I didnt know if almond removed it becuz your read me file was a lil different from mine.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. yanitor

    Coders needed!

    Great pay for someone able to create an auction website script and more.

    Email me today at Will(at)Artisticintension(dot)co(dot)uk

    GREAT PAY and plenty of work!


  5. alicmiran

    you make it look so easy. I’m trying to install a script but it’s giving me help and you gave me the necessary energy and faith to keep trying. thanks much

  6. sagy2hotie

    hey man! nice work there.
    i was wondering if you are willing to share the script?
    your response will be appreciated.

  7. gunit866

    Hi i’ve install geoclassified and have managed the config.php and mysql.Moreover the installation runs smoothly but comes to admin login, ive got some beef.I’ve already entered the right password but it doesn’t go to the admin home. There is problem in admin login. Is there any solution?

  8. HotCaliGirl1765

    Cool Video, check out the link in my profile. I have my WEBCAM live running most of the time on that website, being nauwghty

  9. HotCaliGirl1765

    funny video! I have my WEB CAM live running most of the time, the link is in my profile, I am doing a strip show

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