Inkscape Tutorial by heathenx: Slice Web Page Layout

21 thoughts on “Inkscape Tutorial by heathenx: Slice Web Page Layout

  1. SolidSquid1

    the main advantage would be that it’s free. Also, photoshop is raster based whereas Inkscape is vector based (like Illustrator), although some people prefer raster over vector for working anyway

  2. PowerKeysPub

    Now that I’m starting to use Inkscape, tutorials such as this are very helpful. Thanks for posting.

  3. Arwym

    Inkscape is a vector editor. Photoshop is a bitmap/raster editor. Two very different things. Photoshop is not legally free. Inkscape, however, IS legally free.

    This Inkscape slicing method is different than Photoshop’s. You’re only dividing your layout into different images (parts) here, which you can then apply to your design however you prefer. Photoshop slices the image to then generate an HTML table that contains the slices. In few words, a “big, ugly mess”; and a BAD HTML practice.

  4. DreadKnight666

    Anyway, thanks for the tutorial, i guess i’ll use this rather than gimp or something else… oh well

  5. djdub82

    Thanks, HeathenX. I didn’t know you could do this in Inkscape. GIMP can do it, but it’s more tedious. This process seems so much more intuitive. I can’t wait to try it. Do you know how to do the same with more complex layouts with multiple columns?

  6. BuckFosil9

    I don’t know what you did wrong but I did the tutorial to fast and forgot to set a Fill-Color to the Rectangles on the Layer underneath the Slicelayer. Maybe it helps.

  7. felaiuki

    nice! i always had problems with the exported names from inkscape (specially the folder location of the file, when editing in different computers).

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