I know that Ron Paul would have been a better President

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25 thoughts on “I know that Ron Paul would have been a better President

  1. aviomaster

    USA has — 722 military bases outside USA ,,,
    NO wonder world hates USA ,,,
    in S,Korea they have a rally called Anti -American rally …

  2. renegade2142

    Yeah. I kinda of wished I had been a registered republican so I could of voted for him. I’ve been a Libertarian since I was 18.

  3. satchelmcqueencomedy

    he finished in 2nd place BTW. Romney dropped, Huck dropped, then it was Paul and McCain for several months. The news media hardly even mentioned this fact, but Ron Paul was 2nd place.

  4. scrosnoe

    Great job on this video – it will be an important synopsis of a campaign that will indeed change history. And you are a huge part of that! Thank you for the video dear one/sc

  5. wiferachel

    bo is the least qualified president in the worlds history. America needs a puke bag bailout because of bo and his brainwashed sheeple.

  6. utube9000

    They said Ron Paul “couldn’t win”.

    Wrong. It was John McCain that couldn’t win and didn’t win. If Ron Paul had been the Republican nominee, he would have won the Presidency. He would have had millions of enthusiastic young people and thousands of private donors – and he would had cleaned Obama’s clock in the debates.

    Now we are stuck with Obama. Thanks a lot stupid GOP!

  7. deekaljin

    Ron Paul was a true hope & change (unlike Obama’s already broken promises). However, it looks like America at this point in time does not deserve a good honest man like Dr. Paul, and that’s the truth.

  8. drudge48

    If you voted 3rd party. You lost but you lost right. You voted for the republic not the fascism that has taken over this country like a cancer. I was one of you. God Bless the few. Maybe we have planted the seeds for others to follow. Keep Fighting never quit.

  9. FatLibertarian

    Awesome. Just awesome. I’m a Paul supporter so I admire someone as young as you understanding where were headed as a country and how we needed someone like the good doctor. 🙂

  10. GregsDailyVlog

    Ron Paul is one of the finest candidates in my lifetime! Thanks for making a great video about a great man.

    Another Joe Named Greg

  11. mogilny89p

    He wasn’t even close to being close to being a factor. More people died on November 4th than voted for RP.

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