HTML Tutorial 5 – Links & Menu Bars – Website Design Tutorial

25 thoughts on “HTML Tutorial 5 – Links & Menu Bars – Website Design Tutorial

  1. InsaneHDGaming

    @jklhklb you have to edit the css style sheet and edit the link_hover to what color you want or if your using a text image, you can make another one with a shadow or something and make i the link_hover for the link that you want

  2. Dragonlor140

    You shouldn’t do much styling using HTML, this is very inefficient, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the most common used styling language. Glowing texts or shadows though, are used in CSS3, a more advanced language.

  3. SuperPhoenix5

    plz reply i made a menu home | Youtube Channel | about
    and how do i make those pages take you somewhere but not just page notfound

  4. mrsezori

    If your linking to a file within a folder would it be done the same or what?

    When doing local, like you said, it defaults the desktop but if it’s in a folder how would you go about coding that?

  5. churchmanelsielh

    thanks for uploading. for anyone who is having some HTML trouble, you can go to easyhtml . net and learn much faster. it’s how I learned to build my own site. i hope it helps!

  6. wbmkk

    good video and easy to follow.

    One qustion .. what is the official link etiquette ?

    Can you link to any site you want to ?

    or do you need to get permission first ?

    thanks !

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