HTML Tutorial 3 – Adding Images & Backgrounds To Your HTML Website

23 thoughts on “HTML Tutorial 3 – Adding Images & Backgrounds To Your HTML Website

  1. foxpro80

    the good thing with your video is that you make it straight to the point,fast and no nonsense talking!!!!good luck and thank you for sharing knowledges!!!!!keep on the great work!!!!!

  2. palak1582

    Thanks for these amazing videos.
    Could you also show how to add multiple pages to a website with use of HTML.
    I am learning HTML,and with help of your videos,I created one page.But I dont know how to add multiple pages.

  3. predstoric

    dude its not working for me help me do you have team viewer if so please help me i did eveything so far but on the last video no where you put white to make the writing white mine did not apear please help on that to

  4. airbus198

    @dwa100 than you have some problems getting informations in to your brain. slow thinking. because he is not too slow!

  5. HBKdxfan

    @Kittycatnya12367 …i try to put jpg but still…it didn’t work at all….can you tell me what’s the next thing to do….thanks…

  6. Kittycatnya12367

    @Boing407 i had the same problem. the trick is, if you have a jpeg file, you MUST TYPE jpg NOT jpeg
    hope that helped :]

  7. scottrex33

    I forget what its called. I just cant take the scarf seriously. if it is supposed to be a joke, that is really funny. Great videos by the way. Thanks for the great help. I was able to learn html basics fluently in 3 days. thanks. Now i have my own web code. And i am not restricted by templets. Also i can read other website code and bite of there style. forever in your debt.

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