HTeaML: A superbly traditional event for London Web developers

A new developer event is on the horizon for the lucky folks who live in and around London.

HTeaML aims to be a light-hearted affair in which attendees will learn all about the latest Web technologies, whilst at the same time enjoying some scrumptious tea, coffee, and cake. What more would you want from a geek event?

One of the biggest draws of HTeaML (aside from the yummy cake) is that it’s a much more accessible event. It won’t be held in a pub so you don’t need to be over-18 or comfortable with drinking culture to take part. The organisers believe that this is very important.

It’s organised by Kat Thompson and Rob Hawkes (yes, that’s me), who are deep in planning-mode ready to bring on the awesome.

Find out more about the event and have your say about the plans on Rob’s blog post about HTeaML.

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