How to structure a full flash actionscript 3 web site tutorial CS3 + CS4 – Part 1

21 thoughts on “How to structure a full flash actionscript 3 web site tutorial CS3 + CS4 – Part 1

  1. Acebeats1

    This is why I don’t like this guys tutorials. He always talks to people as if everyone was advanced and he just expects everyone who is new to automatically understand all his terminology and what he’s talking about. I highly DON’T recommend newbies to watch any of his videos or if you’re new to any flash programming.

  2. dtnyc5000

    @aDistortedMind, if you created a true functional loader (not a dummy), your content ought to be heavy enough to actually require some loading time. If that’s the case, hit cmd+return twice which will force the viewer to simulate real waiting time based on the specs. You will find the same command on Main Menu View> Simulate Downlaod.. I hope this helped.

  3. beliha

    I stumbled on this video when I was looking for a cleaner way to structure flash websites. I was thinking of using document class, what benefits do you see from using document class over just variables and functions on the timeline?

  4. Claviale

    Does anybody know how to add the buy now script for paypal into flash?? The button allows you to choose options and is already programmed but I don’t know how to introduce or bring it into flash. Can Anyone Help??

  5. MonsuerLePlague

    I don’t think Rosa is criticizing the teaching style as much as what is being taught. Putting code onto your time line instead of organizing it into classes and packages can get very confusing and messy. This type of tutorial is useless for developers who intend to compete in an industry that is moving towards OOP and away from procedural programming.

  6. core215311

    rosaPokemon – Don’t disapprove others teaching methods.
    If you don’t like the way Adam is teaching, that’s your problem. I would go to say from everyone who has successfully completed Adam’s tutorials like he uses a very easy and effective style of teaching flash.
    – Corza

  7. desXzigner

    nice tutorial, but how do i code my OWN buttons? it seems as though the only to get the coding is to download the buttons off of developphp… but how do i code my own???

  8. rosaPokemon

    What is there to prove? I’m not saying it’s impossible building a website this way but it’s is how you did things back in the early stages of AS2.

    AS3 now have Document Class Support so there’s really is no need putting a single line for code on the timeline. Any developer would prefer having everything nice and structured in a OOP environment.

    OOP isn’t necessary to apply in all projects but in larger projects, for examples websites, it’s great.

    Plus it’s how everyone in the industry woks.

  9. rosaPokemon

    Don’t teach people to make their sites on the timeline. It’s really messy to have the code all over the place and you can’t make full use of all the great features of AS3.

  10. ejeffre1111

    About 1/2 way through, you tell us to create the myMenu movie clip, then create a new layer on the myMenu and paste in the button. When I try to do this, I keep getting “You cannot place a symbol inside itself”. I have tried numerous times and started over several times. Anyy suggestions?

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