How to Start a Web Design Home Business

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6 thoughts on “How to Start a Web Design Home Business

  1. edsalvesen

    Paul great video. I don’t know too much but been designing my own sites. Friends and family keep saying that I should try to start something with making sites for local businesses. I haven’t tried because I kept feeling like I don’t know too much, just more than my friends and family. I think this video just may have given me the confidence to give it a shot. Thanks.

  2. paulbarrs

    Thanks Ben. I am aware of the type of system that you work with; yes, great for people who have no experience – don’t personally like it as the risks for follow up sustainability are limited DUE to that lack of experience. But heads up for the process. It’s a great example of Joint Ventures.

  3. benbuildsbusinesses

    Hey great video. just wanted to let you know I build website design businesses for cheap. You can run these businesses even if you don’t know how to build websites. You can find out more on my page. Take Care.

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