How to Play HTML 5 Video with a Fallback to Flash

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9 thoughts on “How to Play HTML 5 Video with a Fallback to Flash

  1. miXn

    Hm… is it possible to just rename a movies ending, or won’t that work in Firefox?

    I have this video called video.mp4 and I renamed it into video.ogg but it’s still not working in Firefox? 😐

  2. degoban

    @Kuscheltierfilme No you don’t understand. HTML5 have just a new tag for video, but to play it you need a codec, Apple is pushing for H264, that it’s not OPEN. So all your arguments have no sense, and that’s why Firefox don’t what it.
    In the last 20 years people embedded video anyway. Flash turned out to be the best thing for the job, and still is, I don’t care if in 2 years if browsers will play video better, right now the right choice is Flash. If you want to so a fall back for mac, fine.

  3. Kuscheltierfilme

    @degoban You don’t get the point. Since HTML 5 is OPEN it has the potential to become much better in the future. Using Flash you are locked to Adobe and if they can’t fix performance problems or stability problems you’re fucked. With HTML 5 you have multiple platforms that support this standard and because browsers are already in a competitive situation, HTML 5 performance will become better. Just watch the improvements in Javascript performance over the last years.

  4. degoban

    @Kuscheltierfilme ok, dude, on windows playback video in flash is much, much better then any browser available right now, HTML5 on HD is so bad that you can’t even compare the 2 player. So if you are not a fanboy, you should support the better choice: flash first. On mac you can do whatever jobs tell you, I don’t care.

  5. ratnushock

    Nice tutorial.

    So we still in HTML 5 use the “embed” tag to show flash videos..
    Is it possible to use another source element iniside the video tag but specifying the type to flash video or something?

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