How to Make CSS Layouts With Blueprint, a CSS Framework

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25 thoughts on “How to Make CSS Layouts With Blueprint, a CSS Framework

  1. iAdemoSi

    @webholevids This screencast was a great help for me to understand how a css grid works. So yes, I would like to see more screencasts for things like forms, etc.

  2. m4niacojones

    @webholevids i do 😀 i just love your tutorial 🙂 some guy told me about this CSS Framework and i just felt in love with it 😀 many thanks for your work! also, can’t hardly wait the next tutorial on BluePrint Framework :), regards

  3. webholevids

    @arashisakuraiba yes blueprint has a couple of classes to style tables but they are nothing out of the ordinary, I personally don’t like them. Look through the source for the word “table” and you’ll find these classes in that group.

  4. arashisakuraiba

    Good tutorial=) i’m just starting to learn to use blueprint. i wonder i there’s a way to make tables with blueprint?

  5. liquidplastic62

    If you like Blueprint CSS, you’ll love the new AIR app developed by Toki Woki called BOKS.
    Just google it friends and see the magic.

  6. tshawbshaw

    thanks! what a great introduction to not only blueprint, but also to using css instead of tables for all of us who have been slaving with tables for years!

    sick vid

  7. Proverbs21vs9

    I was introduced to frameworks today in class and was very unsure of it’s usefulness. Your video have been a great help. Thanks.

  8. ferero22

    EXCELLENT VIDEO. Couldn’t be clearer. When I first got introduced to BSS, I was totally LOST but now it is a different story. THANKS A BUNCH!!!

  9. graceoverall

    Sorry. By the way… will this work for making each “frame” load individually? How would I set that up? I’m sure there are plenty of techniques I’m unaware of. I’m trying to learn php and css at the same time. I’m already rather familiar with html…. Thanks!

  10. graceoverall

    Thanks Miguel, it was very helpful. I code in many languages both in webdev and programming so I prefer Notepad++, but it looks like a nice tool. I’m still new to webdev though so this was helpful.

    Is it a more modern technique to use the spans like that? I don’t believe I’ve seen it done in a grid like that before, but it seems rather organized. I suppose it might take a bit of getting used to though, no?

  11. Sergio0Oo

    how this work with images and dinamic boxes? how you ad a menu on this frame work? cause i try to add one but looks like that menu bar breaks most of the grid

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