How To Make A Web Page 2

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22 thoughts on “How To Make A Web Page 2

  1. boynamedblue

    no matter what i do on filezilla, i can’t get my fucking website on the internet. i get all the files loaded on the right side “file name” box but i just keep getting site under construction. anyone know where i can go to get this info?? please help a desperate imbecile.

  2. flyguyysi

    i dont understand this video one is because the man is saying things way tooo fast and also its nawt clear….

  3. ruthlsss

    Thanks this was very helpful!! I never realized html was so simple… Good Vid!! Keep up the good work!!!

  4. crazeycane

    i saved my pic in .gif, i saved it in documents and desktop, i saved it in (all files) and (txt) and my pic still wont display. im operating in windows XP. What is my malfunction?

  5. Patism66

    sign up for a server, like 50webs or yahoo geocities and upload them.

    to offer downloads all you do is put them into a zip file, upload the zip file to your server, and place the link to it on the page. click on the link and you can download the file.

  6. MoJefro

    Alright now i got my webpages made how do i get them on the web and how do i offer downloads on my page or pages.

  7. hershey533

    are these websites or webpages,i want to make like a website where i can scan my comics and upload them on my website! thanks though really cool.

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