How To Install WordPress On A Mac!

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18 thoughts on “How To Install WordPress On A Mac!

  1. cfact79

    this is a great video but when I sign in to byethost the vista panel shows up and needs a password?? What password? none will I suppose to sign up seperate?

  2. RAF7430

    @ericwilliamrea hello! ive found a solution to your problem. it is not called fantasitco etc anymore go under the same heading and its called iVista easy script installation. then follow this video on from there. hope i helped and please check out my channel 🙂

  3. TheCompuGeeks

    It may be due to the fact that it’s been either moved, or renamed. I currently use a different premium hosting service, so I can’t be completely sure.

  4. ericwilliamrea

    hey, cool vid but fantastico type installer doesn’t show up under software & services. any idea why??? thanks

  5. angelicasalinasjones

    i don’t usually comment on videos, but i’ve been trying to figure out how in the world to download this for weeks now, and i had basically given up hope since all the other youtube tutorials are seriously hard for me to understand, i mean i’m not the smartest person, hahaha. but you showed me how to do it in 6 minutes and 32 seconds, and for that i just want to thank you SO much. seriously, you were so helpful. i’m gonna go try to find your video on how to download themes now, thank you!

  6. camslammer1

    good video but I use WiiJii Com which I can simply have a fantastico script preinstalled upon sign-up. It’s completely free, and has mysql and no limits on bandwidth. You might like it.

  7. Rangerdavie

    dude, how old are you? i am 26 and you totally helped me with this video. I feel so old now, but I am so young.

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