How to Design a Website Using iWeb : Creating a New Page in iWeb

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14 thoughts on “How to Design a Website Using iWeb : Creating a New Page in iWeb

  1. romanicz08

    so i just by iLife 09 (or 10) now that is coming out, and ill will be able to create my website with iWeb?

  2. seamuswarren

    …OR, is there some way to import the PHP Members Chatroom and the Members Contacts PDF page into iWeb, while maintaining the password protection for each of these pages that contain stuff for members’ eyes only?

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. seamuswarren

    …The “HOME” page welcomes visitors while the “ABOUT US” has contact and meeting point information. The “MEMBERS” page is a photo gallery showing all the members of the club.

    There are two more Members pages that I want viewable by members only. There are a “Contacts” page will ‘phone numbers and email addresses, and the second is the Members Chatroom”. These are currently password protected using that htaccess thingy (convention?).

    To Be Continued…

  4. seamuswarren

    I’ve got a “Members Chatroom”, hosted and password protected in a “Members” folder, which is external to the iWeb site.

    Does anyone know if I can add a button to the navigation menu linking to the above external page?

    OR… can I turn the current “MEMBERS” navigation bar link into a drop-down navigation menu?

    At the moment I have three iWeb pages called “HOME”, “ABOUT US” and “MEMBERS”.


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